Author. Artist. Life Stylist. 

Annie Nami Kim


Clear Your Space, Find Your Style, and Become Irresistibly Confident 


You're A Light waiting to Shine.  

My background in personal image consulting at Nordstrom's Men's Wear and Neiman Marcus 

allows me to Confidently assist YOU in feeling comfortable and good in anything you put on. 

My five years as a Massage therapist at The Paris Hotel and Caesar's Spa Qua, taught me how to Connect with anyone.  

Clients would come to me, completely vulnerable, naked, and would Trust me.

 In 2017, I became A Bestselling Author of A Beautiful EVOLution- Overcoming Adversity through Arts.

While creating custom Art for Clients, I was asked to assist in Clearing and Reorganizing their Space.

 In the last 2 years I have "Life Styled" Clients in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Venice, and Amsterdam.     

 Let me Happily assist YOU in EVOLving your Space and Self.

Home Consulting so you feel comfortable in your next step. 
Space Redesign so staying home feels better than a night out.
Layout Plan and Execution by me, so you can sit back and relax.

Closet Clearing of items that no longer bring joy to you.  
Wardrobe Redesign in finding what makes you light up.
Image Consulting and Life Style plan to keep You Confident.

Contact for free 15-min Consultation 



 Passion Projects

January 2017- Photographer

 Unstuck Event, Siloh Moses 

Serving Hope Las Vegas

July 2017- Live Artist

Fork and Spoon Charity Dinner 

Sake Rok Las Vegas

October 2017- Children’s Art Instructor 

Grow Your Own Festival 

Downtown Las Vegas

October 2017- Live Artist

 Adobe MAX Sand, Las Vegas  

(2004-Present-Wacom Technology

Live Digital Artist)

October 2017- Author Panel Speaker 

Bestsellers Summit 

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press Publishing

Los Angeles 

December 2017- Artist 
Southern Highland Preparatory  
Silent Auction Las Vegas

February 2018- Artist  

& Marketing Coordinator

Perfect Darkness Fine Art 
Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

March 2018- Custom Artist  

& Interior Design Consultant

Linchpin Media Los Angeles

July 2018- Custom Art Muralist 

& Interior Design Consultant

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press Publishing

Cooperate HQ Las Vegas

August 2018- Custom Logo

Design Artist 

VGK Vegas Great Knights

September 2018- Live Artist

TRY Trauma Recovery Yoga 

A Night at The MOB Museum Benefit

MOB Museum Downtown Las Vegas