Video 4: Go to Time 9:00 -
​do you see the oil paints on the
bottom left move?

Video 1 - Tribute to Dave

                                      Forever A beat in my heArt. 

On December 6, 2014, he would have turned 40.
I realized that I had never created a painting for David.  
November 2014, ​I decided to Dedicate this piece, "Seoul of Dreams" to him.   

I Recorded my Process of Expression, Vulnerability and My Love.

 My creativity and soul pours out when I think of HIM.   I have opened up a portal to my Her-Art 
I have been afraid of to show my pain to anyONE.  But I want YOU to experience what I See and Feel. 

I relate to ALL who have lost a Loved ONE and found a positive outlet in finger painting.

There are 5 videos I would like you to watch, in sequence. 
The 1st is a tribute to David. The rest are videos of myself...RAW...Creating him A-custom painting. 
*Focus on the picture and EVOLution of the Art*  
Emotion in the movement, the messages through the music that fuels my hands.

Creating Beauty by Releasing My Grief and Shame.  

A Beautiful EVOLution of My Her-Art​

ART.IS.t and Author

Video 3

Video 2 : Go to Time 1:55 -
do you see the blue oil paint move?

My life changed the Day I met David L. Petrucci on April 25, 2002.  I was 19 when we met and he became My first LOVE and my first Fiance'.  

David was a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer (#6733),  he helped save and gave so many people hope while doing what he Loved.

 Tragically he passed away on January 18, 2009 at the young age of 34.  


Annie Nami Kim

Video 5