​​Black.  White.  Navy.  

Art Collection 

"Just A thought"

Through the madness, buried under mess.

I find myself and know I can rest.

Resting in pieces. . 

20 x 16

Acrylic & Gold Foil 

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"Bridge of Hope"

Bridge the gap that music lacks.

Feel the flames of a visual way to explain.

​This on going game of loyalty, love, and pain. 

Framed 51 x 39

Acrylic, Oil, Glass, Glitter & Stones

"Keys to Her-Art. Gallery"

A perfect fit.

Over the rainbow and through shame.

This Beautiful Life is just a game.

Maintain your brain and frame of

Mind back to what is Devine.

In time you will hear the click of that perfect fit. 

12 x 36

Acrylic, Oil, Stone & Metal

"Birds of A featHER"

Fly free, so softly.
With ease you know how to please.
Me, with every flutter, I melt into you.

14 x 18
Acrylic, Gold Foil & Duct Tape

​"Eye Love"

Love in the Eye of A Geisha.

As I watch from a far, I feel your Love. 

Where EVEr you are. 

Framed 15 x 18 

Acrylic, Gold Foil & Marker

"Vibrant Vibes"

From above, seeing what you love.

Adoring and admiring the flow.

The vibes that grow from head to toe.

35 x 35

Acrylic, Stones & Gold Foil

Author. Artist. Life Stylist.

"Starlight in My Ey3"

The light that glows bright.

A burst between My Eyes.

Feeling calmness after a wild ride.

24 x 32

Oil, Acrylic & Glitter

All Art is created with the use of only hands and fingers, no brushes.  

Creating in this way allows constant Connection of mind-heart-hands-to the canvas.   

Every piece of art is reversible and has many hidden figures.

"Soul Surfing"

Let's ride the vibe.

Look me in the eye.

SeA my soul, be Bold.   

Framed 40 x 40

Oil, Acrylic & Gold Foil 



"tsu-NAMI of T'Ruth"

Swept up, swirling in the ash, whole body crash.

First breath after devastation, is one of Gratitude.

​The colors of life separated but come together in Truth.  

Two 16 x 20

​Acrylic & Oil 


Ear, made to hear.

Here is what you fear.

Half of you flutters to fly, constantly calling for the sky.

Two 6 x 8

Acrylic, Oil & Clay

Annie Nami Kim


"LeAVEs of Wisdom"

We are all leafs, falling from a tree.

I must believe in love for thee. 

Without it, what would we be?

24 x 24

Oil & Spray Paint

"Monarchy of A Butterfly"

Joy! Like a new toy.

I Flutter with fun.

Beautiful alone but Greater as One. 

​Two Framed 36 x 44

Acrylic & Gold Foil 

"A. Cakes"

Lush.  Crush.  Blush.  

Glaze over my lips, with the soft of your fingertips.

All of me feels Bliss, when you kiss my Lips.


28 x 22

Acrylic & Glitter

​"Beauty in the BeHoldHer"

Her scent.  Her smile.  Her glow.

Wherever you go.  Your colors flow.​  

Love when you let go. 

Framed 17 x 21

Oil, Acrylic & Glitter

"New stART"

A jump start to my Heart.

How you lit me back to life.

Every breathe is easy with you.

16 x 20

Acrylic & Gold Foil