Lines of You

​​"SegMENts of My HerArt"

FoUrTune  (SOLD) 

7 Art Pieces + Link togetHer = 

Duct Tape ​Process Preview Photos

Video Coming Soon...

Sensations of the Soul

​Ah. Ne. Ghim

​Candy Land of Dreams

​Body Waves

ALL pieces created by Annie come to LIFE with only the use of Her Hands and Fingers, NO B​rushes....

“I see paintings as messages thru time, a human snapshot and perception, brought to you by God." 
​- Annie N. Kim

OriginA-L A- Three PeAce band

Lucky Lot-US  (SOLD)

Master   (SOLD)

Her'D Love from Above

LeAVEs of Wisd.OM  (SOLD)

TsuNAMI of T'Ruth

Annie Cakes

Swan Song 2 Right ALL Wrongs (SOLD)

Annie Nami Kim

Pink point of View

​Connie K-pop

​AloHa  (SOLD)


S-ta. King

​Dive wHoly 

Faces of A F-OX

Starlight of My Ey3

Touch tHE Rainbow

kEYs to hEr-art 

MuSic IGNites A Nation  (SOLD)

Strings to my he.Art

Pieces from the HErART

​​ART.IS.t and Author

CrimSon Crush 


Beauty in the Eye of the BEEHold.HER

SeOUL of dreAms

A Wo-Man of many Hats  (SOLD)

​3rd Eye to complete the PIE.Seas​

My Starry Night