“I see paintings as messages thru time, a human snapshot and perception, brought to you by God" ​- Annie N. Kim

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​​​​​The Grass is Greener Podcast with Melissa Wilson.

"Evolving from A Traumatic Past into A Beautiful Life Today"  Episode #109

We discuss My past Sexual Childhood Trauma and the effect that it has had on my life.  

How I used Art and Writing in My healing process. 

The STRANGE link between another Writer, Katie Soy, Author of the The Fenix Projects.  The Fenix Projects is a fiction novel based in Seattle (my hometown), around Sex trafficking, and begins with a woman named Annie who is Korean.  Katie wrote this book before we had ever met.  When we met for the first time (2015), Katie said she knew I was the woman she envisioned when writing The Fenix Projects.      .        

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ART.ISt and Author

Annie Nami Kim

A Beautiful EVOLution: Overcoming Adversity Through Art 

Available on Amazon #1 Best Seller 

​​​​The Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast with Courtney Bentley.  

"Overcoming Adversity Through Art"  Episode #31

We discuss the importance of forgiving yourself.
How to overcome your adversities.
How to arrive at a place in your life and begin to heal from A Cycle of silence and SHHh..ame.
How Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Peru April 2017) opened ME up and how it helped to Heal deep-rooted emotional seeds.
What it’s like to come from the brink of Suicide, after Childhood Sexual Trauma and how to heal, from a loving place.
How Expressing your OWN Truth is less about justice and outcomes and more about mending, healing, and helping otHERs.