Get Paid For Your Pad Podcast with Jasper Ribbers and Huzefa Kapadia

"How to Integrate Art in Your AirBnB"  Episode #245

We discuss why having Art in Your Home can benefit your AirbnB hosting business.
How to find the type of Art that fits your AirBnB Home.
Tips in finding Affordable pieces of Art and 

 Different ways to Create Your Own Art.

​​​​​​​​​The Grass Gets Greener Podcast with Melissa Wilson

"Evolving from A Traumatic Past into A Beautiful Life Today"  Episode #109

​We discuss My past Sexual Childhood Trauma.  The effect that it has had on My Adult  Life and

how I used Art and Writing in My healing process. 

The STRANGE link between another Writer, Katie Soy, Author of the The Fenix Projects.  

The Fenix Projects is a fiction novel based in Seattle (my hometown), around Sex trafficking,

and begins with a woman named Annie.  

Katie wrote this book before we had ever met.  When we met for the first time (2015)

Katie said she knew I was the woman she enVisioned when writing     

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​​​​​Annie Nami Kim


​​​​​​Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast with Courtney Bentley 

"Overcoming Adversity Through Art"  Episode #31

​​We discuss the importance of forgiving yourself  and ways to Overcome your Adversities.
How to arrive at a place in your life and begin to heal from

A Cycle of Silence, Guilt and SHHh..ame.
My Journey with Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Peru April 2017) and how it opened My HeArt.  
What it’s like to come from the brink of Suicide after Childhood Sexual Trauma and

how to heal from a loving place.  How Expressing your OWN Truth is less about justice and an outcome.

It can be About Mending, Healing and Helping otHERs.  

Book Photos by Eric Eyo-Ita 

Photo by Ryan Cassell  

Video By Tomo Saito 

​​​​​​​​​​ART.ISt and Author

“I see paintings as messages thru time, a human snapshot and perception,

brought to you by God" ​- Annie N. Kim

A Beautiful EVOLution: Overcoming Adversity Through Art 

 Amazon #1 Bestseller in Group Therapy & #2 in Painting 

Video by Sam Hon